Wednesday, January 09, 2008

He made it!

Eric called me today and after a long long flight and not much sleep, he is in Biakanor Kazakhstan. Funny stories about his trip include the painful gas he had for the first length of his journey, Moscow and the very very deep subway system and the old green train that lives there, and his bag that didn't make it when he did. The latest word is that his bag just made it to Moscow and it should be reunited with him by Friday. With just the clothes on his back I'm glad he had a heavy coat, hat and gloves with him on the plane, it's 5 below there now. He washed his clothes in the bathtub of his room and dried them with a hair dryer. He brushed his teeth with a face cloth and the good times have just begun!
He sounded exhausted but upbeat and I'm sure he's going to have a great experience finally being at a launch after 7 years in aerospace. He's going to email me some of his adventures with pictures and I'll post them here since international travel is so interesting. I'll keep you all posted on how we're managing here as well. I'm pretty upbeat as well though, as I've had plenty of time to prepare for the idea and I think I've got my head in the game. Raising three kids in the comfort of my home beats the crap out of hand washing my one set of clothes in a tub.