Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The progress of my progress.

The never ending battle of my competing interests has had an upset.  Writing pulled ahead this month when I FINISHED MY BOOK! 

Not to say that it's done, or that it's not a pile of crap, but now when people ask me what it's about I can just throw it at them and say "I'm hoping you could tell me!"

 Though throwing probably isn't advisable since I had it printed double spaced and it was so big the printer couldn't bind it so it's just a huge stack sitting in a box waiting to give some poor unsuspecting person a paper cut.

A very smart person recommended not looking at it for a few months and getting started on the next one.  -  Which is fine in theory but doesn't take into account the many months of extended vacations I took from this all along the way.  Besides, the next book in my head is a continuation/variation of this one but following two different characters.  It seems like I have to figure out if this story is even viable before I plunge into the next.

The painting portion of my efforts would have a lower score if it weren't for the fact that I actually made it into a local juried exhibit with this little baby titled, Saturated. 
It was a last minute thing on a hand-me-down canvas that I whipped together in a few hours.  Then, because deadlines are such a wonderful motivator I pushed it to dry faster by letting it sit in the sun.  -

Since it was only one wash of color without too much build up of paint this wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Generally when you have all sorts of varying layers of paint thickness you want it to cure slowly so it can all be happy.  But I gave it every minute of dry time I could. 

I framed it in the crappy frame that the canvas came in and instantly hated it.  - It's amazing how much a bad frame can kill a buzz.  So the morning of the competition drop off I zipped to the store bought a cheap frame kit - assembled it in the back of my car in the parking lot, mounted the canvas in it and went to make the drop off.  - Then I went to my 7 year old's rollerskating birthday party.  Because I'm just that badass.

If it doesn't sell I have lots of ideas on how to improve on it when I get it back home.  Comparing my piece to the others in the show I think I'm starting to develop my own style - something distinctive that sets me apart.  - but that could be the back parking lot vibe of the thing.