Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Field of Battle

Busy busy busy.  I'm the featured artist for the month of February at the gallery and this little number is going to balance out the front display wall. 
Neatest thing? 
Remember the first reversible coat you got?  How you convinced yourself that it was like getting two coats for the price of one and you couldn't believe you'd ever been so dumb to waste your money on those one sided coats from the past?  Remember that other time that your kid made a picture and you had to really think about which way to pin it up on the fridge so's not to offend them?  Well this painting is like that, except intentional.  It works in any direction!  

Imagine janitors in the future cleaning out a closet and finding this.  "Hey Ralph," one burly man in an oddly shiny jumpsuit asks the other, "which way you think we should hang this?"
Looking up from his laser beam dusting Ralph pauses, seeming to
 thoughtfully consider the options before saying with a shrug, "What's it matter?"

Indeed Ralph, indeed.  It doesn't matter in the slightest, because my composition kicks ass four ways to Tuesday. 

I'm an innovator I tell you. 
But I'm fighting off a cold and need to go take a nap.  Peace out.