Saturday, July 21, 2012

I've put a lot of effort into ignoring this little blog.

Poor withered thing, look at it.  The posts outdated, the subjects benign.  Blech. 

I used to have an email signature that featured the address of my Etsy shop, and this blog.  But then, when I started to take my neglect more seriously I would scroll down to the end of every email and delete the link.  Each and every time.  It's as if I couldn't bring myself to kill it, and instead cut off the air supply hoping it would get fed up and die on its own. 

But then - you saw it coming didn't you?-   But then, I sent a random email to a random stranger, she found the link, followed it, and asked me to send her an rss feed. 

Cuz she thought I was funny.

Hey, I remember funny!  I used to do that.  So I'll let the little bugger limp along.  -(Blog breathes a sigh of relief.  Then eyeing me warily, limps back to the dank, little, cave-like-niche its carved for itself under the potentially crushing weight of more interesting things on the internet.)

Metaphor, contorted into an awkward position and left to hold an unreasonable amount of weight shakes his head in frustration.

Status report on the competing interests of writing and painting.

Painting is winning right now, but it's a win by default.

The Western Loudoun Studio Tour was wonderful.  But I haven't painted anything since.  Progress with the Co-op gallery is, well, progressing.  Kind of a thrill to see my paintings on promotional materials, but I'm also a little afraid that those pieces may be my best work and that they were a fluke.

After reading a friend's manuscript I decided to get my final draft polished enough to send to folks- the friend type folks, to brainstorm.  I worked out some really clunky bits, was going along gang busters, until I hit two paragraphs in chapter 30 that were so horrible simple deletion wasn't enough.  Waiting till the memory of how crappy they were fades before I dive back in.