Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back above the kudzu line

After a quickly planned trip down to Macon GA to visit Eric's dad and Aunt Audrey we're back. It had seemed like it was the only available break in Eric's schedule before launch that he would be able to see his dad. So of course, while we were down there he got the call that his launch has been delayed and is now set for February. As happy as I am to know that we'll have Eric here for the holidays I really wish this schedule would stay put for a bit as it's a little hard to plan a life around.

We got back the evening before Halloween. So most of the following day was spent pulling together the bits and pieces for Emer's costume. She had wanted to be Padme from Star Wars, but that's a bit tricky. Instead she was Ginny, from Harry Potter. For anyone that knows her this makes perfect sense, since she loves Harry. She especially loved the fun of being a red head temporarily. Since we got home late from trick or treating and there was not time for baths, she was able to go to school today with some of the red still in her hair. To pretend she is still Ginny she wore fairly mismatched clothes today in her impersonation of a wizard ackwardly trying to fit in with muggle clothing. With her bright pink sweatpants, striped blue shirt and orange hoodie and the still red hair, she was a sight.

Tully was a monster bear. To the casual observer she may just look like your average bear, but as with all things Tully, don't let the sweet appearance fool you.

Felix was an alien skeleton. Alien, because he knows that human bones don't glow in the dark. If they did graveyards would be brighter more cheerful places.

Speaking of the holiday. One of Emer's friend's at school told her that you shouldn't eat candy on Halloween because it's the Devil's birthday. I briefly explained how different folks believe different stuff and it's important to respect other people's beliefs. But I love this idea, so many details to ponder. Does the party hat fit with the horns? Does he pop all the balloon decorations as he sweeps through the room? How old is he? Did his mom bake the cake or pick it up on her way home from work at Halburton?

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