Sunday, December 16, 2007

foot flushers and peanut packers

As pet peeves go, I don't have many, but there was an incident here that brought one of mine to the forefront of my thinking, and while I'm venting about one thing I figured I may as well vent about the other in the spirit of public education. Get your pencils ready people, take good notes, I don't want to go over this again.

Packing peanuts.
Can we just call evil by its name? Packing peanuts. You haven't really been saving them to ship your packages carefully - you've been hoarding them to foist the problem on some other poor sap. With their static-y whiteness, their tempting tacky texture -practically daring children to shred them into a million pieces and leave a trail like styrafoam snow through the house. Packing peanuts are the herpes of the shipping industry. And now I've got herpes all across my front lawn and I love the planet, but it's really cold out, and I can't feel my fingers anymore. The plastic bags you get from the grocery store, you know the ones they give you when you habitually forget to bring the reusable ones to the store? Stuff those in a box, that's a good plan, it can soften the blow of any impact and it's easily recycled. Though, I recently learned and did you know that those plastic bags don't mix well with your general recyclables? You can look for a special recycling drop off for them, often at the grocery store. But really, try to remember the reusable bags! That's what I keep telling myself anyway. But no more packing peanuts! End the insanity now!

Foot flushers.
You know who you are, but again in the interest of public education let us go over the facts, shall we? Public restrooms are dirty germ infested places, but if you do things right you can still use them and come out unscathed. When you use the toilet, please be brave, either use the little paper thing, or sit down and think about the shower you'll have later. Do not try and levitate or squat -this increases the chance of pee on the floor. Once you're done and you've got you're pants back on, do not look at the handle of the toilet and thinking of the germs residing there decide to use your foot to push the flusher. There are more germs on the floor that you're foot is on and it's simply unkind to leave that for the next person. Use your hand to flush. Use your other hand to open the stall. Wash your hands. Once the hands are clean you can grab a fresh paper towel to turn off the water and open the door, being sure to toss said paper towel to the trash. There is a large percentage of people that don't wash their hands at all when they use the restroom and those same people dip into the bowl of mints by the door in restaurants so do yourself a favor and skip the mint -but no more foot flushing!!! And for the love of Mike, don't teach your kids to do this! Do you know how slippery those floors can be? Crazy germaphobes. Nuff said.

Oh, and happy almost xmas! You know what I was thrilled to learn? Legos are made in Denmark! So far so good with the China boycott this Christmas. I officially rock. Here's another treat to tide you over till the big day.

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