Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa is a chump

Seriously, who would have thought there could be a down side to the kids not watching too much tv or not having cable? How could it prove to be detrimental to our experience as parents? I didn't see it coming, that's for sure.

If they watched T.V., if they were well versed in commercial culture, they'd have a whole host of gimme items ready for the 'season of giving.' But no, my kids make stuff up for Santa to make just for them, creations straight from their brains to the little hands of the elves. I guess it makes sense to imagine that for a magical fellow inventing new things wouldn't be hard. Maybe they could include blue prints or specs though. .

Tully this year tells me that Santa will bring her a duck that makes sounds. Not just quaking sounds, but cow and sheep sounds too, maybe even naming things as it sees them. It will also walk and go up and down stairs. This was after she told me that real Santa, come down the chimney Santa, was dead. He has since then apparently recovered. Good to know Jesus hasn't cornered the market on resurrections.

Felix is looking for a crane, of course the elves will know how to make that, because they gave him one last year (a handy-me-down that eventually broke). This year he wants it to be as tall as the Christmas tree and strong enough to lift Daddy. I think there was something in there about wheels and remote controls but I tuned out at some point overwhelmed by impossibility. He did say Santa might just surprise him, so there's some wiggle room.

Emer, as if sensing Santa's malaise, has gone uncharacteristically easy this year and simply wants a chef's hat and apron. This is a big improvement from last year when she wanted a remote controlled robot horse. But don't be fooled by the apparent ease of filling her request. You couldn't possibly think it would be that simple could you? She's been learning about electronics with Eric and wants to hook up a motion detector somewhere near the stockings so she can collect evidence of Santa's existence. Ah, the innocence and simplicity of youth.

Meanwhile if you ever need to make a calendar for your family from photos, the IMac kicks butt. It was so much easier this year, one might even say painless.

Yesterday the girls had their Irish Dance recital and they both did really well and had a lot of fun up on stage. I laughed through Tully's whole performance I was so tickled. We're going to get the video they offer of the performance later and I'll probably post a link.

In other news, the novel. 286 pages and I probably have 3-5 chapters to go. Then I need to let it rest for a while and get some distance from it. As for the middle school book, agent man tells me he'll have critique done by New Year's and also have some others read it.

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