Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy September!

Emer's first day of second grade was on Tuesday, and wonder of wonders her teacher is a Harry Potter fan, so I know she's in the right place. The teacher has even grouped the kids according to the houses in Hogwarts and they earn or lose points for their groups. Just from the first day Emer was so much more pleasant to be around, I realize how hungry she is to learn and how much better she feels when she is. Of course it doesn't hurt that she gets all the hustle and bustle of socializing all day either. This is what she looked like on her first day. So happy!
Felix had an orientation on Wednsday and today was his first day where I dropped him off. I chose to switch his preschool since this one is closer to home and he'll have more opportunities to really get to know the kids he'll be going to kindergarten with. It seems like you're average preschool program, but this is also the one that wasn't a good fit for Emer. This is what Felix looked like before his big day.When I picked him up he said he had zero fun and zero learning. I think he was upset because the teachers won't let him play on all the play equipment in the playground or visit his favorite hide outs in that park. Also I think a lot of the day was spent on learning the rules of the classroom. I'm hoping it will get better for him and I encouraged him to be patient. I wish we could swing a Montessori like the one Emer went to in CA, but all of the ones around here seem to be low on philosophy and high on price. It's good practice for public school I guess.

Tully seemed to really enjoy her first day of the year with both brother and sister in school. She looked like this.Of course this is before she fell and hit the bridge of her nose on a metal step. I watched the bruise and swelling bloom while she cried. If the same had happened to me, I'd still be crying but good thing for her, she's made of tougher stuff than me.

After they were all home we went to Red Rock with the dogs. It was a nice outing but by the end of the hike the were all really tired and crabby. Echo was really thrilled to fetch sticks in the water. Bunny was really confused struggling to swim and bite the water simultaneously.

I'm looking forward to getting into a schedule and getting some childcare help so I can do better by these munchkins. I've started a portrait class on Tuesdays and the meeting to start the art collective is in October so I'll have a chance to be busy doing some things for myself now.

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