Friday, September 24, 2010

Assorted bouncy thoughts

Been on a bit of a bender painting wise.  Last week I painted two radish paintings, two pear paintings, one road, a cow, and an avocado.

Today I tried to follow that up with an oxen and a goat but the paint was moving wrong on the canvas and I was too eager to solve the problems than to work through them and build solutions. 

The latest theory I'm kicking around is that I might have ADD.  To me this is ground breaking revolutionary thought.  Maybe my brain doesn't have to bounce around inside my head like a little ping pong ball.  People that know me are less wowed with my self diagnosis.  Writing a novel, a blog and a humor column, painting every random thing that lands in front of me, forgetting appointments, losing things and having a hard time sticking to any kind of a schedule.  It's amazing I didn't think of it sooner. 

I think the reason painting feels so satisfying for me, is that I'm using different parts of my brain simultaneously, or in a bouncy kind of way.  Just drawing I have a hard time, but in painting I'm measuring and balancing tonal values and finding colors and balancing the composition all in one big push.  It's manageable, but it's also everything at once.

My writing is progressing at a snails pace now.  I hit road blocks, tried doubling back and got all discombobulated.  Thankfully I have a wonderful writing group and if they can't help keep me on track I'm surely a lost cause.  Writing books is tedious, confusing, complicated stuff.  I'm going to try and fit in a visit to a book store this weekend.  There's something encouraging about walking down aisles and aisles of books by people that actually succeeded in doing it. 

Kids are settling into the school schedule and starting to explore different extra-curriculars.  Cub scouts and art club for Felix, Girl Scouts for Emer as well as a girls running program called, Girls on the Run.  -Besides just focusing on fitness, the program is designed to help girls develop a healthy body image before they plunge into the abyss of puberty.  Tully is going to be in the Daisies, Girl Scouts lite, and she's taking a dance class offered through the PTO after school.  She has no inhibitions and her dance style shows it.  To say she loves it is an understatement.  She danced all the way to the car afterward. 

Goats are happy goating.  Paintings of goats are sure to fill the shop soon. 

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