Tuesday, January 04, 2011

No Mas!

If only my hands could keep up with all the ideas my brain has for them lately.  I'm trying really hard to set a goal and complete one project before moving on to the next, but it's so hard!

I've moved the painting operation inside for the time being since the winterizing of the studio hasn't quite panned out yet.  With a little desk and the right lighting I'm working my way through with acrylics.  It's a struggle, like trying to speak with an accent but I'm making progress.  Picture me painting the same image again and again saying "hamburger" like Inspector Clouseau.

I'm working small and doing a number of pieces on the same subject.  I'm playing with the idea of transitions, small changes in the images and how they relate to one another.  I'm going to take them to the printer and hope to sell them on Etsy grouped together.

I've also got a lot of plans for using a dremel when I get my hands on one, but that has to wait for project 1 to get finished. 

And finally, I'm getting a small business permit and I've started an account just for the business.  Lots of details with this, such as getting all legal and paying taxes, but it's worth it to me.  The way I'm figuring this will equate with a part time job income, but still allow me the flexibility I need with Eric's travel and work schedule.

And as often happens, the painting surges forth and the writing flounders, or visa versa.  Trying to keep on an even keel this time though and stick to a steady schedule.  It helps to have such a wonderful writers group that I've been so lucky to join.  For anyone interested you ought to check on Anna-Marie's site where her novel's first draft is evolving online.  Her website is http://www.steampunkfamily.com/ and the story is called, Antafrica.  Be sure to start at the beginning, you don't want to miss any of Bettina's antics.

And in other news, the kids are back in school, the goats are in the field, the squirrels are still nibbling on my porch and there are reports of loose cows in the area.  All seems as it should be.

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