Monday, April 18, 2011

Poor neglected blog tries desperately to revive itself

So incredibly busy, but you'd hardly know it if you tried to look for any measurable progress in any of my various projects.  There are paintings that have been painted.  Blocks and dice that have been made.  Prints of my artwork that are printing.  But most of these things are half done, or not posted or photographed.  Argh. 
This is one of a series of fish paintings that I'm trying to make prints of.
And then there was the set back of the driveway bridge that washed out.  It's surprising how much time an inconvenience can take up over time.  Picture here many trips up and down the driveway carrying groceries ect. 
But now it's spring break.  No rushing them off to school or trying to keep up with their schedules.  Hopefully I can find a good balance between activities for the kids and catch-up for myself.
Part of a series of three, plan to make prints of the series with all of them together

And in the process of catching up I'm trying to get back on track with my writing.  The novel floundered for a time and I lost hope that I would ever pull it together, but once again my writing group came to the rescue.  I have a blueprint now, a structure and I'm back on track.  As long as I can put a disciplined effort forth each day towards it there could in fact be a time where I can say, I wrote a novel, past tense.
Discipline Dice.  A revolution in parenting techniques that has yet to catch on.
How are you response dice.  12 options of possible responses.  Social interactions solved.
And this measly little blog is part of that.  This is where I need to shake out the sillies, get my fingers cranking, and just talk on the page.  I don't know how it reads for observers but this is where I'm trying to hold myself accountable and keep track of how I'm doing with all my goals.

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