Friday, June 01, 2007

The post of no pictures past

The computer in the office that I use to upload pictures from my camera to the internet is temporarily down so this will be the post of no pictures. I'm telling you now, don't even scroll down, no eye candy awaits you. I know, I share your disappointment, there's something great about seeing stuff up there on the little screen with the little audience. The funny thing is, the computer in the office was fixed last night when I asked Eric to plug in or fix whatever it is that broke and he did. But then with the voice of Al Gore ringing in my ears I turned the computer off to save energy and went up to bed. This morning I turn it on and NO. For me, the computer is incredibly testy and difficult, for him it's like a well trained dog. oh well. I'm sure I have some skills up my sleeves that my genius engineer doesn't. That's a fine premise and we're just going to play along with it because barring the fact that I'm in short sleeves there is nothing wrong here. move on.
Two things.
1. The birds that have their nest on the eve of our back porch are beginning to get big and less ugly. While I type this I can see the mom and dad zipping back and forth delivering food and the babies are spreading their wings a bit sitting up a bit more. Not nestled in so much anymore but perched on the nest. I thought I saw the mom earlier pushing the little ones and flapping her wings as if to say "Here's how these things work. If you don't like what I made for you, use them." I would include pictures but refer to paragraph one.
2. I went to the community pool with a friend and all three kids. I got a little floaty life vest for Tully and one for Felix and a little floating board for Emer and I was a whirling dirvish the whole time trying to keep an eye on them all regardless. The life vest for Tully was the best money I ever spent though as she as no fear and likes to go to the deep water and yells at me when I try to hold her. I think when the lifeguards wear red shorts regular civilian men should be prevented from wearing the same. Otherwise I'm giving the guy with the beer belly and mustache my undivided attention because he raised his voice, and immediately my eyes begin scanning the pool for some disaster only to find his kid splashed someone. Also lifeguard whistles. There ought to be some kind of a code because sometimes they blow it to say get out of the pool and sometimes it means don't run, or hey quit splashing.
Okay, without pictures I just can't go on. I'll try and take some pics of the birds though and save them for a time when the other computer is working. Tweet

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  1. Hi Alice! just popping in to say hello :)
    I just read your message in the Etsymom Yahoo group. I trhink that is a fantastic idea! i am going to find your Etsy shop next. Hope to chat with you soon,