Monday, June 25, 2007

Beautiful Inside

How does she know?
I mean, really. What confidence. You have to admire it really. Maybe she's on very good terms with her internist? I've had three kids and there is a certain point in the midst of pregnancies that you lose your ability to become embarrassed about yourself. I will admit, I once had midwife tell me that I had a happy cervix. I think I blushed, maybe I laughed. I didn't post a sign with my photo. (Though I did remember the comment and post about it here, so maybe I shouldn't throw stones) Or is she simply stating that besides her many virtues as a real estate professional, knowledgeable in her field, she's also a great person with a heart of gold? Oh, right. The house. The sign is about the house. Well that's just plain creepy. Who wants a house that talks?

Moving on. Felix, my stunning brilliant little boy has stopped sucking his thumb! He had a small cut on his thumb this past Friday and it hurt too much for him to suck it. So I was lying there with him around his bedtime and out of the blue he said, "Well, that's it. I 'm guess I'm going to stop sucking my thumb now." And then he did. He made it the whole weekend and there's been no back sliding even though the little cut is healed. I'm just so impressed. I've talked to him lots of times before this about all the reasons he would have to stop, but he never seemed to take it in, always saying that when he was older he would. I guess now he's older. I feel like I should throw him a Bar Mitsvah, if only we were Jewish.

I'm working on some new materials for the shop that I'm hoping to post this coming week. I've taken denim and wrapped it over canvas stretching bars and I'm making some art on that. I like the idea of material as a background but it also helps to force me to keep it simple. I think the added bonus is that they'll be originals to sell rather than just prints. And soon I'll have to choose the winner in the photo contest. It's going to be hard to choose there have been some great entries.

So far summer vacation has been relatively painless as the kids are all getting along pretty well and Tully is so much more interactive. Today we went on a small hike to the Balls Bluff regional park (the scene of an important civil war battle) and we saw this turtle.

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  1. I'm so glad you started writing in your blog again...I was waiting for what seemed like eternity and was so happy to stumble across it tonight. As usual, it delivered. Have I mentioned lately how freakin adorable your children are? I tried to call you this weekend to touch base about next month... I am so excited to see you!