Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Contest

So this is the latest announcement I placed in the shop

Win a Free Print!
I'm looking for inspiration, so how about you let me borrow yours? Send me a photo for a painting and if your photo is chosen you'll win a free print of the painting created from it. I'll also post the top three choices on my blog. If I get enough entries and responses we could have a new winner each month. So get out your camera and show me what you have.

Unusual perspective and views are especially appreciated as well as urban or city images. All photos should be in standard bmp, jpg, or gif format, and taken by you. Convo/email/comment to me with the subject heading, photo entry. Good Luck and happy snapping!

The idea is that it would be so nice to get a glimpse of life through someone else's eyes and illustrate that vision in my style. I don't get out enough, and honestly how many cows could I possibly paint? I'm a little worried about people giving me pictures that they just find on the internet or wherever but I'm deciding to rely on the general trust worthiness of Etsy folk. Also I have to make clear to the winner that I'll be using the image to make a painting and then sell prints of that painting. My thanks for the picture is the free print, not a cut of my meager profit. I guess I'll clarify to the winner at the end of the month that they'll retain the rights to their picture and I'll retain the rights to my painting of it. I thought this would be a nice way to collaborate with the world at large so to speak, we'll see.

Eric took the camera to work today. Can you see my frown from here? There are some new cows in the field and I swear they were posing, practically daring me to photograph them and I couldn't. I know, you thought I was sick of cows, but there is a black one and I'd love to catch how the light falls on that shiny fur. And there is one with a white face, and that can be so expressive. Looking through photos to post I found this one. You can tell by the trees that it was a few months ago, but the spirit of spring is obvious. I've named this sheep Randy.
Love is awkward

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  1. Alice,
    What a fabulous composition for a painting :-)I love the play on dominant/sub-dominant elements in the peice... and it made me laugh out loud.
    Etsy is down for the evening... so my obsession will be taking a short vacation until Monday. Korey and I are going up to the inn we got married in for our 1-year anniversary this weekend!! Much needed and I can't wait. No TV, no computer, no distractions.. just nature (and the obvious). They are also having the Lupine Festival up there too, so maybe some good photo ops...
    take care and thanks for the tips!!
    Talk to you soon (see you sooner?)